About us

 Ave Medical Services


Our scientific team provides medical services in a modern Polyclinic located in Lagana
The Polyclinic is our biggest on the island where it operates within and microbiological laboratory.

Provides skilled physicians of all specialties to meet the most specialised medical problems and all pathological and surgical cases for 24 hours a day, seven days a week We come to your place to treat your medical problem and if necessary

Portability of your space Polyclinic
The direct medical care of a patient is a responsibility for us
We constantly invest in new medical equipment to offer new
diagnostic and therapeutic methods in the treatment of diseases

We build the future , imagining a modern health system , high efficiency
quick response , free access to quality services
We will be with you for safer holidays
We work with all the travel insurance.

Dr Nikitas Spinos MD.PhD


Having as our aim of quality assurance in health
We won the trust of the medical world.